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OFFF 2008, Day 2 - Why Am I So Sleepy?

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OFFF 2008, Day 2 - Why Am I So Sleepy?

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Hah! Thought I'd disappeared again, didn't you? <g> Well, almost. I did bring home a cold from Rhinebeck; spent the last couple of days mostly lying in bed and coughing. However, I also managed to slowly work on stuff, so now I can finally bring you, as promised, the long-delayed second day of OFFF. Then comes the babble on Rhinebeck. I'm afraid we're going to rather speedily bounce through OFFF's high points, but we do have a decent amount of pictures.

Judy and I were both tired that Sunday back in September, too. (Good grief, was it really almost a month ago? Oy.) She did manage to wander around again, but I mostly stayed in place, yacked, took pictures, and spun some more. It was another gorgeous, sunny warm day...which meant that this time we put our camp chairs back by the picnic table, so we mostly stayed out of the sun. <g> Thus we didn't talk to passersby so much, but that was ok. With Bobbie, Barbara and Cindy providing the frontline, believe me; there was no shortage of willing answers for anyone with questions. Those three are a powerhouse.

So herewith the romp through the day.

A candid shot of Fiberjoy. Note how things weren't so crowded Sunday.

Wanda (Fiberjoy) of the team that is Jenkins Woodworking is one of us, and she was able to come visit for a while. (Hey, SilverCufaoil! You wanted a Turkish spindle? I totally forgot to tell you about the ones at Jenkins Woodworking!) And let's not forget the needles and hooks they make, as well as all the other beautiful tools.

While we were enjoying a nice talk with her, Bobbie showed me a felted needle bag she'd made. A friend had given her the Chinese ideograms for a very appropriate phrase:


...and obsession. Hee.

Nope, we wouldn't happen to know a thing about that, would we?

As usual, not being all that sure of my photographic skills, I asked Fiberjoy if I could get a posed shot of her. (I can't really see what things look like in the display screen on my camera, so I like to get more than one shot. Yeah, I know, paranoid perfectionist; what can I say.) She gamely posed, and I did get a great closeup.

Look at that gorgeous smile!

After some more good talk, I finally wandered off to the Blue Moon booth - which, amazingly enough, was not stuffed with elbow-to-elbow people; man, the crowd really was less on Sunday! - and snagged another of what are becoming my favorite colorways in Socks That Rock; those being the Rare Gems. Yes, those are the overdyed goofs, one of a kind, un-repeatable. Only sold at shows. Some 'goofs'; they're always incredible. Just look at this one!

STR Lightweight Rare Gems

So I'd gotten my purchases this year; my new spindle, and some more Rare Gems. I was happy. <g> (Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck!)

They were also handing out cards advertising the Sock Summit to be held here in Portland next summer:


Yes, I've signed up for info on it. Yes, I'm going, come hell or high water. Miss an event dreamed up by Tina of Blue Moon, the Yarn Harlot, Cat Bordhi, and several other sockish luminaries? What, are you nuts?

It didn't help matters that Tina dropped off a bunch of these at our booth for people to grab, too. ;) Sneaky woman. Oh well, she has joined us, and we're all sneaky, so...

Then I wandered back to our booth and plopped back down again, having gotten lunch along the way. (Not terribly exciting, alas. The vendor with the wonderful baked goods didn't show up Sunday. Apparently she'd sold out the day before. Dammit. I was looking forward to trying a meat pie or something. I had to make do with a turkey sub.) So, another exciting photo of the end of our table and our setup for anyone who just couldn't bear to wait until they got home to wind yarn purchases into balls, so they could cast something on.


And of course, there was the big spinning circle, for anyone who had a wheel and wanted to get some spinning in...


I didn't get a picture of them, but to the right of the spinning circle was just as large a bunch of STR sock knitters, having a grand old time. ;)

We got a surprise visitor - someone from New York, who used to live out in Eugene, and was back visiting: Naomi (aLittleRedHen), of Knit A Condom Amulet fame.

Naomi not only showed off her pretty vest for us...

...but her hat with stylishly presented condom amulet!

(No, I didn't run into her at Rhinebeck, but she said she'd be there. <g> Rhinebeck's huge.)

I did eventually get a really good pic of our brand-new banner, which made us look very professional.


Bobbie and Cindy already have plans for a bigger one next year. ;) The sign company people were nonplussed enough this year. Judy said she explained that we were...well, this group...who got together...and, uh, blogged... Apparently they were still left scratching their heads, but highly amused by the art. <g>

Somewhere in there - yes, I was getting a bit tired (not to mention it was nearly a month ago, LOL) - Judy taught me her Magic Cast On. Coooool. (Yeah, if I haven't mentioned...although I think I did, probably umpteen times...Judy is the Judy of Magic Cast On fame, as we like to call her. I dunno how she's planning to get the others, but she and Bobbie have conspired to get everyone calling me the Famous Monica. I keep innocently protesting that the only thing I could be famous for is commenting on other peoples' blogs. They laugh.) Anyway, though I'll have to practice to get it perfectly memorized without having to look at notes, now I know the Magic Cast on. I like the idea of using it for a provisional cast-on, meself. The others either drive me nuts or take extra time. You know me; patience is not one of my strong suits. ;)

Late in the afternoon, when classes were starting to get out, Jennifer, my spontaneous spinning student from Saturday came back; here she is!


The day was winding down, and we were all sorting through stuff, and talking rather at random. I remember pulling out the sample I'd gotten from Susan at Abstract Fiber.


I like what she did on the back of the tag:


Then Jennifer gave me a real surprise. All weekend we'd been entertained by a Celtic duo I'd enjoyed greatly at last year's OFFF, The Standing Stones. They play great music, and I was really glad to see they were there again this year. I'd told Jennifer how much I loved their music when they were playing during her spinning lesson Saturday...and look what she got me as a thank-you for the lesson!


Yep, one of their CDs, bless her. What a lovely, thoughtful gift. Thanks again, Jennifer! It's been great listening to them whenever I want! (And if you run across this, when are you getting on Ravelry, huh? <g>)

And so the day wound down. Judy and I were half asleep. <g> I wasn't much help taking down, though I did what I could...and we all talked about plans for next year...(we have our eyes on a certain tree)...and said our goodbyes, and hugged each other, and trailed off to our cars. Then Judy and I giggled tiredly while she drove me home, where we gave each other one last hug, and I staggered upstairs to collapse. And I didn't get any pix of the lovely sweater Melissa gave me yet, or the mystery fiber batts that Barb was handing out, and then things started getting close to Rhinebeck-travel-prep, ohmigawd, and you know, things were unorganized as usual.

But my, it was a fantastic weekend, and I'm sure looking forward to next year!

When - maybe - I'll actually make it to the barns and see some animals. At last. Third time's the charm, right? Heh.

  • (Anonymous)
    I'm just so glad to hear that you've been having a good time--and looking forward to more Rhinebeck info! Sorry you've been sick, though!

    • Thanks, Roxane! It was a great time; and I had an even better time at Rhinebeck, which I wouldn't have believed possible. As to the sick thing - well, it's been a while, and frankly? It was worth it. ;) I'll take getting to Rhinebeck and coming back with bronchitis over not getting there any year!
  • offf

    next year, I'm going to make it to the barns, too. I didn't even think of it this year!

    MicheleLB (pdxknitterati)
    • Re: offf

      LOL - I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! I was beginning to feel a little weird, y'know? [g]
  • Look at you go! Tackling Rhinebeck!!! There mere thought of getting on an airplane sends shivers through my guts.

    You take great pictures! Thanks for the kind words. I was feeling very shy and at loss for words that weekend. The one I took of you turned out good, except I forgot to pay attention to back ground details. I still haven't blogged about OFFF.

    That felted bag is very cool, love the Chinese characters!

    Looking forward to your rhinebeck review. Hope you kick the bug soon.
    • Oh, man - me too, Wanda, I swear - but Xanax is my friend, as I keep saying devoutly. ;) (It's the only way I could do it, believe me.)

      Thanks much re the pictures; that makes me very happy to hear, because I do really want to make people feel like they've been somewhere... And I sure do know about the shy bit. I'm very glad you decided to stop and talk with us! I'll look forward to your blogging about OFFF when you can get to it!

      And Rhinebeck will start soon - I am over the worst, and should get some energy back in a few more days. Then let the in-depth report commence. Hee.
  • (Anonymous)
    Wow! You have been busy :) I love all your photos - and how wonderful that you went to Rhinebeck (great photos, too)! I wish I could have gone (I moved to California a few months earlier than I should have, darnit)

    Octopus Knits
    • Hey there! Yep, busy as heck, I quite surprised myself. [g] Glad you enjoyed the photos - and the Rhinebeck ones. And isn't it wonderful? ::innocent glee:: I still can't quite believe I made it! As to moving to CA earlier than you should've...maybe we'll have to work out a West Coast pilgrimage or something. There are already a bunch of Completely Pointless and Arbitrary group folk on Ravelry wondering if we can get a group rate on a block of rooms for next year... [veg]
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