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Yattering about whatever comes into my head. Could be knitting, jewelry making, books... But just as likely to be my state of mind, or family history. No one ever said I stayed focused.

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surprised cat
Rhinebeck rocked.  I'm home safe, despite a slight bobble. (For once,  I was not the one who slept through the alarm. Or hit the snooze button, rather. See? Other people do it too! <g>) I'm utterly whacked, since I've only been home about six hours and, naturally, haven't done anything like sleep, ghu forbid. I'm about to hit the wall hard, but had to put up something. ;)

I had a riotously good time, one of the best times of my life. I lurves Brewergnome and Bowen and SilverCufaoil and knitguyla (Hi, Joe!) and Tsocky and Jennifer and Melcentrica and Zuzusunshine and KTB38 and Franklin and Jesh and Cyd and KnittingFiddler and a jagillion others. Getting lost in New Jersey at night produces helpless hysterics, and I was sore already from all the laughing we did in our hotel room. Route 322 is Evil. Watch out for the sign with five arrows. And the one with the Prince symbol, only that's up in NYS. Oh, getting out of Rhinebeck without getting lost is apparently impossible, too. New York traffic's reputation is highly exaggerated compared to West Coast traffic, except maybe in certain sections of Upper NY State on Sunday evenings when everyone is going home after a weekend away. Toll booths are weird. Toll booth exits on some roads are even more weird. (No lanes? None? Everyone just sort of skitters around like a game of skittles until they sort themselves out on their own? Wacked.) So are rest stops on the East Coast. (Only they're called service somethings I can't remember at the moment, and yegawds, all they're missing is a motel to be a bloody mini-town. Rest stops with malls?!)

I have tons of pix, some lovely fiber, some even lovelier yarn which people are going to be extremely jealous of, and I didn't wanna come home. Can anyone figure out a way to make certain parts of Philadelphia, New Jersey and Massachusetts run away to Oregon?

Now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow (that'd be Tuesday, just to be clear, since as usual I'm posting at night) I'll start working on OFFF Day 2, and upload the unedited Rhinebeck pix to my Flickr photostream (no, they're not up yet - check back), so people have something to look at while I write the report. 'Cause it's gonna be a long one, people. Very long. Pack food and camping gear.

And if you're a fiber nut, be prepared to be very, very jealous.

Note: Any and all ideas of how the hell I can afford to get back to Rhinebeck every year for the rest of my life, or just for long visits with my knitsibs ditto, will be gratefully accepted. Up to and including-- Well, ok, probably not major felonies. But maybe I could get a grant?
  • rhinebeck

    Sounds like Rhinebeck is the big-daddy of all the fiber festivals. I'm jealous. But I was overwhelmed enough at OFFF, so it's good I wasn't there.

    I never got used to those "toll plazas" back east. I had to move back to Portland.

    Awaiting pix!
    • Re: rhinebeck

      Only one that's bigger is Maryland!
    • Re: rhinebeck

      Ohmigawd, it was huge! And bloody crowded! I'm so glad I was with friends; I clung to them like grim death. Well, except the couple of times we got separated. ;) However, still surrounded by knitters, all was good...

      And if you haven't noticed, pix are up at the Flickr link!
  • Sigh. Still haven't made it rhinebeck (3 hour drive), next year for sure!
    • You can do eet. We drove up from Philly, with a stop to pick up a friend in New Jersey. Start saving now. ;)
  • We just need our states to be like the ones bordering Springfield (of Simpsons fame)
    • LOL; if we could make it work, that'd be good. Or maybe we just need to invent the transporter.
  • (Anonymous)
    I'd say "welcome back," but it doesn't sound like you've landed yet!

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