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Rhinebeck Photos Up On Flickr

Now what's she going on about?

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Yattering about whatever comes into my head. Could be knitting, jewelry making, books... But just as likely to be my state of mind, or family history. No one ever said I stayed focused.

Rhinebeck Photos Up On Flickr

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Very briefly...every single semi-decent photo I got at Rhinebeck is up on a Flickr set. They're unedited! They're raw! They have no captions! There are lots of dupes, and ones that'll make you wonder why I took them! ('Cause I was usually holding the camera out to catch something halfway behind us that, at the time, looked interesting, that's why. Remember, these also include some touristy taken from the car shots as well as Rhinebeck shots) There are even some total duds!

But they're there. If you're too impatient to wait until I prettify and put 'em in a post with identifying notations, have at 'em. ;)

Meanwhile, I've got the last OFFF pix edited, still working on the post, but was still feeling whacked sorta sideways most of Tuesday. After checking in on Rav and doing some work, I collapsed...got up to give Duffy her copy of Franklin's book, It Itches...(which is farking hilarious; go buy it)...then stayed awake but brainless, feeling more and more as if I also picked up a cold at Rhinebeck. Or on the planes. Whatever, I shall forge onwards, and you'll see more than snippets soon!

No, really. I promise.

Why doesn't anyone believe me when I say this sort of thing? <g>

  • It might be the fever, but I love, love, love that little red riding hood cape. I think I could wear one if it was sized for an adult and quite happy. My 13 year old daughter might pretend not to know me (as she does when I wear my Moresca jesters coat in the fall)
  • Isn't it beautiful? If they were in adult sizes, I'd grab one too - I don't care how ridiculous I'd look!

    LOL on your daughter. Remember when we used to worry about What People Would Think? [g]
  • They had adult sized ones, actually.
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