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Now what's she going on about?

fractal figments

Yattering about whatever comes into my head. Could be knitting, jewelry making, books... But just as likely to be my state of mind, or family history. No one ever said I stayed focused.


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Monica is vewwy, vewwy tiwed. (Mel Blanc was a genius. Can you wrap your tongue around "tiwed"? I can't.) *ahem* Somewhat loopy, in fact. <g> I have been working on the next post, indeed I have, but it has been borne in upon me that the spirit is willing, but the body is, well...whacked. Again.

Also, I need to take a photo or two to go with the ones I took at SS on Friday. No, not of swag. That'll come in the last SS post, because I'm tired. ;) Anyway, it'll be after 5am when I post this interim bit, and while I've finally finished editing the photos from Friday and Saturday...I am too tired to write now!

This despite all the sleep I got Monday. When I finally wound down about 3am Sunday-- Er, Monday morning, that is - I zonked. Woke up around noon. Groaned in pain from stiffness; it's amazing how many muscles you use getting in and out of cars, and how much they protest when you haven't done that regularly for umpteen years. (Plus let's not forget how all that sitting around contributes to the problem.) Took Tylenol, ate food, and read a bit.

Then woke up at 7pm, having fallen asleep with book in hand because I was sore enough that I laid back down in bed while reading.

So I ate another meal, and read SS threads on Ravelry in between cropping and sharpening (and cussing and un-sharp masking and more sharpening) and bordering and resizing and re-naming and converting photos...and tried to find a few things...and answered some PMs...and made a few corrections to the last post. It wasn't 3,000 people signed up for classes, it was 1,800. Dunno how the 3,000 lodged in my brain. The nice lady whose name I couldn't quite remember is lynnefitz on Ravelry. And Joe (knitguyla) kindly told me that Lucy Neatby was talking to Michael Wade (WonderMike on Ravelry) of the Yknit podcast. Thanks again, Joe!

...And I've hit the wall again. While I don't want to drag this out horrendously, today I have to get some scrips, pick up a few other things, and get ready to go to the hospital on Wednesday. Instead of leaving things to the last minute, as I usually do. ;) If I don't get to bed ASAP, I'm going to be doing that at 5pm today, which is not recommended. So I'm going to bed. Will work more on the Friday-Saturday post in between doing stuff. Might get it posted tonight...might get it posted Wednesday morning, before I have to take off. At least I hope I'll get it posted by then, at the latest. Then Thursday or Friday, depending on how well I feel, will work on the closing SS post.

Plus somewhere in there, start taking pix of all the swag. <g>

Just think of it as a Sock Summit Serial! ::gives a small squeak of terror, and flees::

  • Take your time

    I'm enjoying your posts, but I'd hate to think you were wearing yourself out for them! Do what you can, when you can. The internet will still be here, and so will I!
    • Re: Take your time

      Thank you, sweetheart! ::hugs CCR:: I shall. You folks who read me are awesome, y'know that?
  • fiber hang-over

    It's like having a fiber hang-over. I woke up on Monday at 7:30, couldn't get out of bed until 12:30. I was sluggily catching up with email, blogging, checking out Ravelry. I'm not sure you know me, but I've met you before. And I saw you on Sunday!

    MicheleLB aka pdxknitterati

    Feel better!
    • Re: fiber hang-over

      Bob, yes, that's exactly it!

      And I definitely know both your names, from the PDXKB group and Ravelry. I just don't have the face to go with them. ;) But if I see you at OFFF, I'll recognize the face. I remember faces better than names, until I've seen a person a few times. Remind me next time we meet up, and it'll stick in my head faster!

      And thanks much - I do!
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