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YAI (Yet Another Interjection)

Now what's she going on about?

fractal figments

Yattering about whatever comes into my head. Could be knitting, jewelry making, books... But just as likely to be my state of mind, or family history. No one ever said I stayed focused.

YAI (Yet Another Interjection)

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Ok, operation went great - I'm now completely enamored of general anesthesia - got home safe, am relaxing after dinner and a Percocet. (Slightly loopily, as the pill kicks in. <g> I've never had Percocet before, far as I can remember. Whee!) I'll be zonking soon. With luck ::she says hopefully::, I shall feel well enough to take the pix I need Thursday, and get started on the Friday-Saturday SS post. Send energetic vibes, people! And thanks for your patience. ::hugs all readers::
  • yay for Percocet

    Enjoy the ride! I'm glad it went well. Take it easy!
  • Hope you're feeling better!
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  • Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.

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