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Yes, I'm Alive. No, Really, I Promise.

It's been made apparent to me by some rather frantic messages that there's some doubt about the above, due to me suddenly going incommunicado after dire mumblings about coming home from Rhinebeck with a cold/the flu/the plague. Um. Really, I'm sorry, folks; I'm just not used to having that many people who might worry about me any more! I keep forgetting I have more friends now, bless you all, and that especially when I disappear from Ravelry, it might behoove me to give a brief hint as to what the hell's going on.

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OFFF 2008, Day 2 - Why Am I So Sleepy?

Hah! Thought I'd disappeared again, didn't you? <g> Well, almost. I did bring home a cold from Rhinebeck; spent the last couple of days mostly lying in bed and coughing. However, I also managed to slowly work on stuff, so now I can finally bring you, as promised, the long-delayed second day of OFFF. Then comes the babble on Rhinebeck. I'm afraid we're going to rather speedily bounce through OFFF's high points, but we do have a decent amount of pictures.

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Rhinebeck Photos Up On Flickr

Very briefly...every single semi-decent photo I got at Rhinebeck is up on a Flickr set. They're unedited! They're raw! They have no captions! There are lots of dupes, and ones that'll make you wonder why I took them! ('Cause I was usually holding the camera out to catch something halfway behind us that, at the time, looked interesting, that's why. Remember, these also include some touristy taken from the car shots as well as Rhinebeck shots) There are even some total duds!

But they're there. If you're too impatient to wait until I prettify and put 'em in a post with identifying notations, have at 'em. ;)
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surprised cat

Back Home

Rhinebeck rocked.  I'm home safe, despite a slight bobble. (For once,  I was not the one who slept through the alarm. Or hit the snooze button, rather. See? Other people do it too! <g>) I'm utterly whacked, since I've only been home about six hours and, naturally, haven't done anything like sleep, ghu forbid. I'm about to hit the wall hard, but had to put up something. ;)

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oh shit

Rhinebeck Countdown

I am leaving at an an obscene time tomorrow to board a plane. I have practically nothing ready, except my plane tickets. Obviously, I have not made my Day 2 OFFF Post. As usual, I'm freaking out. I'll be posting like a fiend when I get back. I will still make the OFFF post - before any Rhinebeck posts. I swear. (Stop giggling.) I will have tons of pictures, again. Now I've gotta go and try to finish more of those things I don't have done.

::insert shrill scream of panic::

I'm so looking foward to this! See you guys later! I'm off!

(And cool, LJ's caught up with the FireFox update so I can post normally again. Hallelujah.)


I Love This

Yes, OFFF Day 2 will be coming. No, really. Promise. But meanwhile... (And sorry, the lj-cut is going screwy on me, so I'm going without.)

'Nuff said.
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OFFF 2008, Day 1 - Good Grief, Things Sure Have Changed Since Last Year!

Ohhhhh, man. Where do I start? Aside from the fact that I'll never remember it all in order, so will no doubt mix up things between Saturday and Sunday. Ah, well. Just get started, huh? With one preliminary note: I'll put everyone's Ravelry name in parens after their real name. If there's a link for 'em, that'll be to their blog. If they don't have a name in parens after their regular name, I'm just using their Ravelry name. Confused yet? ;)

Note: Picture-heavy! 26 of 'em.

So Judy (JudyBecker) kindly offered me a ride again this year, and we were both ready and eager for two whole days of wallowing in fiber and friends and ghu knows what else, whee! Not only that, but the PDX Knit Bloggers (hereinafter referred to as PDXKB, as if you had doubts) were going to have a booth this year - or at least an awning - and an official picnic table, instead of one we'd just taken over by force majeure last year. And I do mean that phrase in the "unexpected or uncontrollable event" way. <g> I don't think they ever saw it coming...

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I'm Back! And Upcoming Shortly, Oregon Flock & Fiber, 2008

(Edit: No, first OFFF post not quite ready yet. ;) Sorry, took a long time to choose pix, take more of minimal new stash, then edit all 26 I decided to use - in the first post, mind you, bring snacks when it does get up - crop, border, resize, upload, caption-- You get the idea. Plus I kept desperately needing to fall asleep for 5-8 hours several times in there. I think I'm tired or something. Most strange. Shall likely post - late, as usual - in the wee hours of Wednesday, the way it's going. Then more photo-editing for the next post! Yes, I'm still nuts.)

Hi! Yeah, been a while, I know. Anyone still with me?

This is just a heads-up that finally, something interesting has happened. ;) (Plus I'm also finally back in the mood for blogging. Summer was one big drag, basically. I had no inspiration, it was too damned hot to knit, and all I had energy for was reading and the forums on Ravelry. This is not what you call fascinating blog fodder. I wasn't even reading other blogs, fer ghu's sakes. Booooorrrring.)

However, this weekend I was at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. Both days. So yep, at last - something worthy of blogging! It was even more fun than last year. I got pix. I met a lot of people. The PDX Knit Bloggers were there en masse. We had a blast. The posting starts tomorrow.

Brace yourselves. <g>

And it's good to be back!

P.S. Btw, for new readers, if you don't read LJ blogs much, unless there have been recent changes I'm not caught up with, there's no way to send comment replies to you via email unless you're another LJ user. So you have to come back to see if I've replied to a comment.

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sentinel3, one of those days

All Hail The Portland And Gresham Fire Departments!

Or, I Didn't Mean That Interesting!

No, I am not singed. Not even slightly. All is well here, no worries. But you know how I occasionally mourn that I don't get out enough to post really interesting photographs more frequently?

Well, Wednesday morning, I didn't need to get out. I could see some of what was causing all the excitement from my balcony door. Actually, from further back in my living room, sitting at my computer. And that kind of excitement, people don't need.

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Seen On Two Friends' Blogs At Least...

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

...and meant for those two, and a lot more of you out there. Just 'cause I felt like it. And ok, it's also going around. But it never hurts to let your friends know how you feel, even if it's in a blanket sort of statement.

Just rambling today, because it's warmish, but not terribly hot, and I'm feeling awfully lazy. Um, make that more so than usual. ;) So the rest is this 'n that and links and nothing meaningful whatsoever. Plus, with the fan on me and the temperature not bad, it's one of the rare occasions during summer that I'm not - at the moment - actively hating it. <g> In fact, the air sort of feels like warm silk at the moment...
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