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Voracious reader of almost anything. Too many other interests, hobbies, and fandoms; see Interests for the shortlist. 54, widowed, with far too much time on my hands since I'm on disability. Still, I manage to never finish half the things I start. Or take years to do it; good at procrastinating, obviously. Former word processing/DTP specialist; a step up after several years of secretarial work in ad/PR. This resulted in an unfortunate tendency to mentally edit whatever I'm reading, which is a real PITA when one's trying to enjoy something. Host of the weekly Immortal Ladies chat on AOL since Nov. 1995, discussing Highlander: The Series. Now mostly a bunch of old friends getting together each week. I have a weird sense of humor, and my brain retains the strangest, most useless bits of trivia. This leads to going off on strange tangents, especially when I've been up 48 hours non-stop. I've been told that at least I write funny stuff when I do that. And I babble. ;) You've been forewarned. Life Ambition: Be the kind of old lady bikers are afraid of. Dunno if I'm getting there yet...

WARNING: Gee, LJ's gonna help us all censor ourselves for adult content. Whee.